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  Ethics of Craft
Chang Yi’s “Ethics of Craft” is LIULI’s creation standard.  

First is “material”. To understand the material requires a hand-on approach. For example, ceramicists would become true ceramicists when they are using their own hands to shape and fire their work in person. Without hand-on experimentation, it is impossible to grasp the material or technique. Only through first hand experience, education and creation can one refine personal technique and develop new works.

Next is “modesty”, approaching the value of history and tradition with self humility. The learning process is fraught with mistake and failure. One must take the time to evaluate and bear failure with a willingness to learn.  Through this process, modesty is established, the “self” becomes insignificant and concern for the greater world widens. This is the only way to progress and grow. It is critical for craft to be attentive, to learn through humility and to not be limited by past successes.

Ethics is very important for the realm of craft art. Why is LIULI named?

The name comes from our hope that we wish to become educated persons but not mere artisans. Through the learning process, one can be a good person; even he cannot become a successful artisan. This is a sound ethical concept that LIULI wishes to emphasize.


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