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About Free Mind Buddha

Carefree - an emotion relating to the environs as a whole as well as personal awareness.

In Buddhism, the first stage of achieving enlightenment is Bodhisattva. 
In the process of completing the Free Mind Series, the heart filled with the anticipation for the integrity, a naive and pure desire.  It was not uniform, orderly or impressive - it was simply full of human emotion.

The most prominent characteristic of the Free Mind Buddha is a type of Zen.  It is now, it is what it is. 

To feel zen is to not over think but to exist in the moment.  The Free Mind Series was created under these circumstances.  Making every effort to get closer to Zen and as that was established, making every effort to seek out its significance.  In the end, all still left a huge of space for the incompleteness.

It is with the appearance and emotion of humans and it is with a Buddhist heart and a human form that we approach the realm of Buddha.  The heart never stops yearning.  While it holds these aspirations, our world is marked with struggle. And it seems to replete with incompleteness, mind-at-will and diversion, even an natural enterprise that never pursue on purpose.

Free Mind is replete with the interests of humankind.

You will know how to sketch through sculpting. For example, if you believe in the importance of the hand, the hand will dominate the image. Artistic freedom is the most precious form of amusement for humans before attaining enlightenment.