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Free Mind

The land of Free Mind soars through life
Chang Yi speaks of his Free Mind.

Chang Yi is a peculiar man.
Do not expect a straightforward answer
When asking him, “Why creates Liuli?”.
Ask him what he cares for most in life:
Life is to love,
Death is without fear.
These matters need no long discussions.  They are vital. Chang says.
Chang Yi believes Buddhist figures should hold no pretense.
All is subjective - like beauty or beast.
A three-year-old child draws on a sandy ground with a branch,
Others can not understand and ask what it is – he says: Buddha.
This is merit.  It is merit. It is a heart for Buddhist enlightenment.
Here is Chang Yi’s Liuli Free Mind.
Regarding life – Free Mind.
Regarding humanity – Free Mind.
It can be embraced by love in sleep; it can be smothered by death.
Free Mind may appear between completeness and incompleteness.
Mind-at-will exists between expectation and non-expectation.
To Chang Yi, Liuli is a marvel of love and death.
In the world, we hear too many opinions from people’s viewpoints.
But Chang Yi keeps silent for it.
His attitude contradicts Chang Yi that we know the one who speaks endlessly in LIULI.
He says: as long as it pertains to everyone, it pertains to me.
In regards to the appearance of “Free Mind”, Chang only divulges:
My heart is not free mind, thus I needed to create it.
Unrestrained, without sound, light or color, yet resonating with both light and sound, is this Free Mind or not?

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